Security camera to deter crime, boost safety, protect assets, and aid in investigations.

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Residential Cameras

Residential security cameras are excellent tools for crime prevention and evidence collection. We recommend investing in security cameras to protect your assets and family. Contact our specialists today to discuss the ideal solutions for your needs.

Commercial Cameras

Business security cameras have changed over the past few decades. We service the Milwaukee and Madison areas to help secure businesses and your property. Cameras visible on your property work to deter crime.

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Being Proactive And Configuring The System To Work For You

Security camera systems need to be proactive today. We install motion, constant recording, and smart cameras to track movements around your property. Our camera vendors allow you to get notified of activity on your property before damage occurs. Use motion alerts, suspicious person alerts, and tripwires to setup security camera alerts.

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Highlighted Projects

Looking for inspiration? Take a peak at our highlighted projects and reach out to learn more.

Mukwonago’s Industrial Truck Repair Security Cameras

The need for security cameras A neighbor business of ours, Industrial Truck Repair, Inc. in Mukwonago (aka ITR), reported of suspicious activity that they needed to monitor to ensure the safety of their business and operations. Running one of the largest family owned industrial repair shops in southeastern Wisconsin can be challenging and the last…

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Milwaukee Zoo’s Animal Webcams

Upgrading the Zoological Society of Milwaukee’s The Zoological Society of Milwaukee had a problem. They had aging equipment that was no longer able to provide the website’s visitors an opportunity to live stream their animal cameras. Less engagement means less revenue which in turn hurts the mission. The Milwaukee Zoo enlisted our team to…

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Solving The Elegant Farmer’s Ecommerce Challenges

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Read about which problems we solved
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