Finding the Best Wisconsin Home Security System

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Home is the place to feel secure

Your home is the place you count on to keep you and your family safe. But the fact is your home is not enough to protect you. Fortunately, home security systems can provide the extra protection every family needs. How can a security system do that? We’ll tell you all about it, along with how to get the best home security systems.

Why You Need a Home Security System

Do you know that an average of 2.5 million burglaries happen in the U.S.? Most of these are home break-ins. The good news is that this number has decreased steadily over the past years. One reason there are fewer occurrences of burglary is many homes today have a security system in place.

thief stealing valuables from safe at crime scene
Thief stealing valuables from safe

So, should you invest in a home security system? What is the importance or the benefits of security camera systems? The benefits are apparent. Having a security camera at home means having eyes and ears that can deter intruders and monitor your property. It provides homeowners with peace of mind knowing their family is safe and secure.

Below are more reasons homeowners need a security camera or a home security system:

  • It protects and secures the home and property through security cameras and alarm systems.
  • It can serve as fire protection due to special features, like the early warning system.
  • You can utilize it to manage home energy use with the ability to shut off appliances remotely.
  • It can lower home insurance premiums since most insurance companies provide a significant discount if a house has a security system.
  • It provides protection against invisible risks, such as carbon monoxide often released from heating systems, burning wood, etc.
  • It provides home protection while the family is on vacation through remote monitoring.
  • You can monitor your home 24/7 and call for emergency responders if necessary.

The only drawback of a home surveillance system is that some are pretty expensive, especially those with advanced technology. There are also the installation costs and sometimes even maintenance fees. But no one can deny that a security system is a crucial investment that households should consider. Consider hiring one of the reliable and affordable home security companies out there to help.

Components of Home Security Systems

Seeing the importance of having a security system in place, you must be considering getting one for yourself. Before choosing security cameras and motion sensors, it’s essential to know the different components of a surveillance system. Besides the features of a security system, knowing its parts is helpful when deciding on the right security systems.

Entry Sensors

Burglar Alarm at Front Door

The sensors detect when the doors or windows open, at the same time alerting the homeowner. Entry sensors can make you feel safer, knowing that the home security system will alert you or the authorities with each unauthorized entry.

Security Cameras

Installing a wireless camera on a house

Cameras are a primary component of home security systems. They keep an eye inside and outside the home when the homeowner can’t. Besides monitoring, they also record footage you can review later on. The authorities can use this footage as evidence if a crime happens.

Motion Sensors

Motion sensor protecting Wisconsin home security system
Motion sensor protecting a Wisconsin based home

Motion sensors use infrared light or lasers to detect motion. When they detect movement, they will sound an alarm and send alerts to the phone linked to the system. They are an excellent added security and make the security system more powerful.

Alarms and Sirens

Siren to scare away intruders Wisconsin home based security system
Siren to scare away intruders

An alarm system is the component that draws attention to the home using a siren. If an intruder appears at your property, the alarms alert you and everyone in the house. They also scare off intruders since they know you’ll be around to catch them.

Video Doorbells

Video door bell wisconsin home security system
Close Up Of Delivering Package To House Ringing Front Doorbell

Video doorbells also help monitor and are essential for their various features. For instance, high-end video doorbells today have two-way communication, a panic button, motion sensors, night vision, and others.

The most common home security system components are entryway sensors, motion sensors, security cameras, video doorbells, and alarms. If you want a stronger security system, there are other components you can add. If you ask your home security provider, they may tailor your security system to include:

  • Floodlights
  • Glass-breakage sensors
  • Panic buttons
  • Freeze sensor
  • Carbon monoxide detector
  • Smart home integration
  • Environmental and atmospheric sensors

We do the same at CGSmith, providing tailored security alarm systems for residential and commercial clients. As one of the trusted Madison home security companies in Wisconsin, we will help protect your home with a comprehensive security system. Our Wisconsin department provides clients with nothing but superior service and security products.

How Are Wisconsin Security Systems Installed?

You now know what equipment to include in your home security system. What about the installation? There are two main options – self-installation or professional. Many security systems today use the latest technology, including cellular tech. This allows you to set up the security equipment even without professional help.

But self-installation or DIY installation means you’ll have to do the work. This means saving some on the installation fees, which is great if the homeowner can set up the devices themselves. You may also choose professional installation if you don’t know how to install the devices. The security company will send a professional to the home and install the components for you.

Most companies will discuss this with the client during the first consultation. In our case, we talk about our client’s priorities, expectations, and budget. We also strive to provide them with home security packages that fit their needs. Moreover, even if they choose DIY installation, we make installing the surveillance system simple and easy.

In some cases, DIY also means your plan doesn’t include professional monitoring. Your surveillance system likely doesn’t have a monitoring center that regularly monitors your home. Having a monitoring center would have been great because it has access control to your home security. It is also one of the first entities alerted about any incident at your home.

What to Look for in Home Security Companies

Your video surveillance system is only as good as your home security provider. If a homeowner wants maximum safety and security for their family and property, it’s crucial that they work with a reputable home security company. The question is, “How can they find the best home security company?” Well, here are some things that can help with that:


The price they offer is a significant factor. As much as possible, a homeowner wants a security system that doesn’t break the bank. However, keep in mind that the equipment and technology become more expensive the more advanced they are.


A company with many security plans is an excellent choice because the alarm system comes with more features and components. It’s great if you can customize the plans to include or not include services like fire protection, smoke detection, and others.

Customer Service

Caring customer service is a big plus, especially for those unfamiliar with using home security systems. Being able to reach them on various channels and anytime is essential because you need your video surveillance to be working all the time.

Installation Options

The more installation options are, the better for you. This allows saving on installation fees, as mentioned before. Typically, the only options are DIY or professional installation. Other companies provide professional installation but let you opt-out of maintenance.


Looking for a reliable Wisconsin home security system can be overwhelming when there are many options. However, this article should give you an idea of what to look for in the best surveillance system. The key is to do your own research and know your and your family’s security needs. CGSmith can provide you with a hassle free estimate for your home security system.

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