Deadbolt installation

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Deadbolt installation is a crucial service offered in the commercial and residential burglar alarm industry. Deadbolts are an essential component of any security system as they provide an extra layer of protection against unauthorized entry. Deadbolts are installed on doors and are designed to prevent forced entry by making it difficult for intruders to pick or break the lock. Deadbolt installation is a simple and cost-effective way to enhance the security of any property.

Deadbolt installation is a service that is commonly offered by security system installation and monitoring companies. The process involves removing the existing lock and replacing it with a deadbolt. The installation process requires precision and expertise to ensure that the deadbolt is properly aligned and securely fastened. A professional security system installation and monitoring company will ensure that the deadbolt is installed correctly and that it functions properly.

CGSmith is a business and residential security system installation and monitoring company based out of the Milwaukee WI area. The company offers a wide range of security services, including deadbolt installation. CGSmith understands the importance of deadbolts in enhancing the security of a property and offers professional deadbolt installation services to its clients. The company has a team of experienced technicians who are trained to install deadbolts quickly and efficiently.

If you are interested in learning more about deadbolt installation or any other security services offered by CGSmith, you can visit the Contact Us page on the company’s website. The Contact Us page provides a simple and convenient way to get in touch with the company. You can fill out a form on the page with your contact information and a brief message, and a representative from CGSmith will get back to you as soon as possible. Alternatively, you can call the company’s customer service line to speak with a representative directly. CGSmith is committed to providing its clients with the highest level of customer service and support, and is always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have.


1. How do I install a deadbolt on my door?

To install a deadbolt, you will need to first measure the size of the hole in your door and ensure that it is the correct size for the deadbolt you have purchased. Then, you will need to mark the location of the deadbolt on the door and drill a hole for the bolt. Next, you will need to install the deadbolt mechanism and attach the strike plate to the door frame. Finally, test the deadbolt to ensure it is functioning properly.

2. Do deadbolts provide better security than regular locks?

Yes, deadbolts provide better security than regular locks because they are more difficult to pick or force open. Deadbolts extend further into the door frame than regular locks, making them more resistant to forced entry. Additionally, many deadbolts have a reinforced steel plate that makes them even more difficult to break.

3. Can I install a deadbolt myself or do I need a professional?

While it is possible to install a deadbolt yourself, it is recommended that you hire a professional locksmith to ensure that the deadbolt is installed correctly and provides maximum security. A professional locksmith will have the tools and expertise necessary to install the deadbolt properly and ensure that it is functioning correctly.

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