Door/window contacts

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Door/window contacts are an essential component of any burglar alarm system, whether it is installed in a commercial or residential property. These contacts are designed to detect any unauthorized entry into a building by monitoring the opening and closing of doors and windows. When a door or window is opened, the contact sends a signal to the alarm control panel, which triggers an alarm and alerts the monitoring center or the property owner.

Door/window contacts come in different types and styles, including surface-mounted, recessed, and overhead contacts. Surface-mounted contacts are the most common type and are installed on the surface of the door or window frame. Recessed contacts, on the other hand, are installed inside the door or window frame, making them less visible and more discreet. Overhead contacts are typically used for garage doors and roll-up doors.

Door/window contacts are an effective way to secure a property against burglary and theft. They are easy to install and maintain, and they provide a reliable and cost-effective solution for protecting homes and businesses. In addition to detecting unauthorized entry, door/window contacts can also be used to monitor the status of doors and windows, such as whether they are open or closed, and to trigger other devices, such as lights or cameras.

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1. What are door/window contacts in burglar alarms?

Door/window contacts are sensors that are installed on doors and windows to detect when they are opened or closed. They are an essential component of burglar alarms as they trigger the alarm when an intruder tries to enter the premises.

2. How do door/window contacts work in burglar alarms?

Door/window contacts work by using a magnetic switch that is activated when the door or window is opened. The switch sends a signal to the control panel of the burglar alarm, which then triggers the alarm. Some door/window contacts also have a tamper switch that triggers the alarm if someone tries to remove or tamper with the sensor.

3. How many door/window contacts do I need for my burglar alarm?

The number of door/window contacts you need for your burglar alarm depends on the size and layout of your property. As a general rule, you should have a contact on every external door and window, as well as any internal doors that lead to high-value areas such as bedrooms or home offices. It’s also a good idea to have contacts on any ground-floor windows or windows that are easily accessible from outside. A professional burglar alarm installer can advise you on the best placement of door/window contacts for your specific property.

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