Exit/entry monitoring

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Exit/entry monitoring is a crucial service provided by the commercial and residential burglar alarm industry. It involves the installation of sensors at entry and exit points of a building, which are connected to a central monitoring system. The sensors detect any movement in and out of the building, and the monitoring system alerts the security personnel or the property owner in case of any unauthorized entry or exit. This service is essential for preventing theft, vandalism, and other criminal activities, as well as ensuring the safety of the occupants of the building.

CGSmith is a business and residential security system installation and monitoring company based out of the Milwaukee WI area. The company provides a wide range of security services, including exit/entry monitoring, to ensure the safety and security of its clients. CGSmith has a team of experienced professionals who are trained to install and maintain security systems, and they use the latest technology to provide the best possible service to their clients.

If you are interested in learning more about exit/entry monitoring or any other security service provided by CGSmith, you can visit the Contact Us page on their website. The page provides a simple form that you can fill out to get in touch with the company. You can also find their phone number and email address on the page, so you can choose the method of communication that works best for you. CGSmith is committed to providing excellent customer service, and they are always happy to answer any questions you may have about their services.


1. What is exit/entry monitoring in burglar alarms?

Exit/entry monitoring is a feature in burglar alarms that tracks the movement of people entering or leaving a building. It is designed to detect any unauthorized access or exit and alert the security personnel or the homeowner.

2. How does exit/entry monitoring work in burglar alarms?

Exit/entry monitoring works by using sensors that are placed at the entry and exit points of a building. These sensors detect any movement and trigger an alarm if someone enters or exits the building without authorization. The alarm can be set to notify the security personnel or the homeowner through a mobile app or a monitoring center.

3. What are the benefits of exit/entry monitoring in burglar alarms?

Exit/entry monitoring provides several benefits, including enhanced security, peace of mind, and reduced risk of theft or burglary. It allows homeowners and business owners to monitor the movement of people in and out of their property, ensuring that only authorized individuals have access. This feature can also help to deter potential burglars or intruders, as they are more likely to be caught if they attempt to enter or exit the building without authorization.

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