How Security Cameras Benefit Your Business

We’ve come a long way from the grainy surveillance cameras on analog technology that we used to monitor and secure our businesses. Thanks to digital technology, surveillance has improved so much that no one can deny its necessity, particularly in running your store or company. With that said, this post discusses how a security camera can help your business.

What Is a Security System?

Security systems are for securing valuables

As the name suggests, a security system is a method to secure something, such as your valuables, through a system of devices and components working together. The security camera is one part of these things that interwork together, intending to protect entry points and interior space from potential threats, such as intruders.

Besides the cameras, what are the other components of a security system? A security camera system typically has:

Young woman entering code on keypad of home security alarm
Entering code on keypad of home security alarm

When it comes to security systems, it doesn’t matter the size of the building, or the number of interior rooms, windows, or doors you want to protect. The only thing that matters is the number of devices and components you use throughout your property. If you want to protect your business with a security camera system, you need enough to cover all your grounds.

What Is a Security Camera?

One of the most critical devices in a security system is the security camera. What is it? Is it any different than an ordinary camera? Security cameras are video recording devices capable of capturing footage of your business. The footage the camera recorded is viewable through your computer, tablet, or smartphone through an Internet connection.

Most security cameras are motion-activated, meaning they will record and send alerts automatically when motion is detected. Some are known as continuous video recording or CVR, which can record 24/7. There are various types of cameras based on shape, but the configuration is either wired or wireless.

You can use a security camera in several ways, by itself or as a part of a security camera system. A camera’s primary use in a security system is to monitor the inside and outside of the building. It also monitors the entry points such as doors and windows. Cameras today are beneficial because you can access them remotely wherever you are.

How Does a Security Camera System Work?

The concept behind a security system is simple. They monitor the areas you want protection. Meanwhile, the sensors detect motion near the areas where they are placed. They communicate with the control panel, alerting you if there is an intruder or visitor. The control panel usually includes a monitor, or you can check the alerts on your mobile.

Typically, you place these sensors near doors and accessible windows. They are best installed at ground level for better detection. We also suggest using motion sensors in open spaces inside and outside your workplace. You can make the most out of your security camera system if you place the components strategically throughout your place of business.

Security camera systems can be complicated depending on the setup. Installing them by yourself can be tricky if you are not familiar with electronics or security systems. In that case, the best thing you can do is pay for professional security camera installation in Milwaukee. Don’t worry because there are great places that can provide the services you need.

Benefits of a Security Camera System

Security camera sign in shop window
Security camera sign in a shop window.

Security cameras or security camera systems offer business owners numerous benefits. There’s no doubt they help make your place of work safer than when it doesn’t have cameras installed. How can a security camera system help your business, though? Let’s find out.

1. Increases Business’s Overall Safety

When security cameras are placed strategically throughout your business, crimes are less likely to happen. Burglars and intruders think twice before storming into your business if a camera can record their faces. You can prevent break-ins and crimes from happening if cameras are all over the place.

Stealing valuables from a safe
Stealing valuables from a safe

2. Prevents Shoplifting, Burglary, and Intrusion

Some of the crimes security cameras prevent are burglary, shoplifting, and intrusion. If you have this device in your Milwaukee business installed at prominent locations, you can deter the three crimes mentioned. Many small stores lose thousands from shoplifting, something you can prevent with video surveillance on your premises.

3. Prevents Employee Theft

Businesses also have to worry about employee theft. Do you know that 37.5% of employees have committed employee theft? Part of the reason is there was no one supervising them. You can avoid this by having a surveillance camera in your store. That way, your employee will think twice about stealing even when you are not there.

4. Improves Perception Over Customer Safety

How can you show your customers that you care about their safety? Having a security camera installed is one way to do that. An excellent security system and professional security camera show that you place great importance on the safety and security of your customers. This also results in customers viewing your business in a positive light.

5. Improves Inside and Outside Security for Employees

Different dangers can threaten your employees besides burglary or shoplifting. They can come from both inside and outside of your premises. With a security camera in place, you can protect your employees directly and indirectly by keeping a record of any suspicious activities. You can show those to your security officers or the police to ensure everyone’s safety.

Smashed glass doors on store
Vandalism on glass doors on storefront

6. Lowers the Instances of Vandalism

Vandalism is one of the issues small businesses encounter from time to time. The problem is that a single incident can cost you at least $3,370 on average. This amount can already be a significant cut from the business’s spending. Fortunately, you can lower the instances of vandalism in your place of work by installing a security camera.

7. Shows What’s Happening in Your Business

Video surveillance can help in the security of your business. At the same time, it enables you to know what’s going on while you are not there. This is thanks to their monitoring ability. Even if you are not there physically, you can stay on top of your business because you can oversee it on your phone, tablet, or computer.

8. Improves Business Operations and Boosts Employee Productivity

It is common for employees to get idle when no one is looking. If they cannot do work on time and properly, it can affect your business operations. The problem is you can’t be there to watch over your employees all the time. Surveillance cameras can be there, though. With a security camera, they’ll have eyes over their shoulder to boost your employee’s productivity.

9. AI Technology Can Improve Your Business Decisions

Security cameras these days are amazing. They have powerful technologies embedded in them that can do more than monitor their surroundings. Some of these cameras have AI technology, which can improve your business’s operational efficiency. They can learn customer behavior, providing insights you can use to make adjustments that increase your ROI.

Business man holds injured leg on staircase
Employee holds his injured leg on staircase

10. Helps Avoid Fraud and Legal Claims

Dishonest claims are common in businesses, which equals costs that burden you. Thankfully, security camera systems can help you avoid these, along with legal expenses and the possibility of being sued. With video surveillance keeping a record of everything that happens inside your building, you have evidence to prove the truth.

These are only some of the many ways a security camera and security system can help your business. These devices have direct and indirect benefits to your workplace or store, from improved safety and security to even business operations. The question now is this – how do you find the best security camera and security systems?

Finding the Best Milwaukee Security Camera and Security Systems

There are several factors to consider when looking for the best security camera or security system. These factors also help you look for a company that provides security system installation in Milwaukee. Keep these factors in mind to find the security cameras that can genuinely provide the above-mentioned benefits.

Field of View

Typical security cameras have a small field of view, except the dome type. Depending on where you want to position the cameras, you likely want several small-range ones that you can place all over your business premises.

Video Quality

A blurry camera won’t do you any good. With that said, pick a security camera with clear image quality, increasing the chances of intruders getting caught.


Cameras with high-quality video will take up a lot of storage space. This might mean limited recordings, which isn’t what you want. It would be best to get a camera with memory cards.

Wired or Wireless

Wireless means you can install the cameras in more places and have no pesky cords to deal with. The problem is the battery. On the other hand, wireless still needs an outlet to work.


You want a security system with excellent connectivity, capable of connecting with your office Wi-Fi, smart devices, and other cameras installed. The more cameras it can connect, the better you can monitor your business.

Ease of Use and Installation

You can’t afford to hire technicians to work on your cameras all the time. This makes it essential to look for a security system that’s easy to install and use.

Wrapping Up

There is no doubt that security camera systems are crucial in any business, no matter the size. They help not only in keeping everyone – employees and customers – safe. They can also help you grow your Milwaukee business. Of course, you’ll need a credible provider to ensure that you purchase a functional one that can serve your business for many years to come. Contact CGSmith today to find out more about our security cameras.

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