Mukwonago’s Industrial Truck Repair Security Cameras

The need for security cameras

A neighbor business of ours, Industrial Truck Repair, Inc. in Mukwonago (aka ITR), reported of suspicious activity that they needed to monitor to ensure the safety of their business and operations. Running one of the largest family owned industrial repair shops in southeastern Wisconsin can be challenging and the last thing you want to worry about is theft or asset loss.

ITR had an old camera system but the cameras were out of date and the wiring was almost 10 years old. It was old coaxial wiring. Most customers see this wiring and think that they are out of options to upgrade their system. Worse, many customers we interact are told they have to upgrade the building wiring before they can get newer cameras. This is simply false.

ITR enlisted our team to add cameras to their facilities and make sure their existing cameras were upgraded to modern equipment. The project went smoothly and in the end we saved ITR money and allowed them to retain their infrastructure that was setup more than a decade ago. We also got to ride on a few boom lifts to see how high up they can go 🙂

Security cameras that protect their business

Building survey that highlights locations of cameras and card access doors

We were able to discuss camera options with the owner after our initial free walk through. The needs were around general area monitoring and it is important to find out what each businesses goals are. This is why our technicians are trained by industry leaders such as Axis Communications and Dahua Technology.

We performed a building survey. Each survey lays out the locations of the cameras and identifies if we need a lift to access the camera or if we need any other special equipment. It shows an accurate representation of where the cameras will be aimed and can even generate a report that shows a simulated view of what the customer will see with their new security cameras.

The security cameras chosen were a mix of 4K cameras and 5MP cameras. The 5MP security cameras were able to utilize the old coaxial infrastructure which saved on us replacing almost 1,000 feet of wiring.

CGSmith was also able to utilize a wireless point to point bridge to provide a camera connection to a remote building that did not have a network connection to it. We always love being able to provide cameras in a remote location for added security and safety.

Keeping everything running

Cable repaired after being mistaken by a bird for a blue worm.

Camera solutions end up having a few moving parts to keep everything up and running. The security camera in the picture stopped working. We found out that a bird nested inside the shop and chewed on their favorite camera cable. Something about camera cables being tasty? Not sure!

The nice thing about our solutions is the camera system will alert you or CGSmith in the event that a camera goes down. We have all cameras that we install in stock so your business or residence can stay up and running. Bird or no bird!

Contact us today to learn how we can keep everything running smoothly in your operations.